It is the small gestures that can make the difference and, here, we are sharing five ways to let your loved one know how you feel.

1. Prolonged eye contact

It lets someone know that you are listening, helps you express and read emotions, and studies have continued to show that eye contact has the ability to increase attraction – even among strangers. It is also thought that eye contact when talking about difficult things can make us more honest and also invites the other person to be more open with us. So the next time you have a deep and meaningful conversation, let your eyes stay a little longer.

2. Playing with their hair

Thanks to the delicate sensory neurons located at the base of the hair follicles, playing gently with the hair can make you feel heavenly. And there is really no technique for that – even just grabbing a hair brush and running it gently through your partner’s hair will do it. Not only is it relaxing, but gentle touching in a gentle and loving way leads to the release of oxytocin, the binding hormone, which only deepens our bond.

3. The display of gratitude

We all like to be known for the things we do, so be sure to let your partner know when he or she has done something – big or small – that you are grateful for. It could be getting a small feast from the supermarket at the end of a long day, remembering to check in for an important event or just the daily love and support they offer you. Either way, take some time to reflect on what this means for you and tell them how much you value them.

4. Holding the hand

In 2009, a study published in the journal PNAS looking at the effect that holding hands can have on our relationships. Measuring the brain waves of the couples as they sat together, what they found was that, when the couple held hands while one of them was in slight pain, their wavelengths seemed to be synchronized and the participant who experienced the pain reported that felt it less intense than when they did not hold hands. These findings speak volumes about the comfort and intimacy that comes with this simple gesture.

5. Recognize their achievements

Life is so much easier when you have a cheerleader in your corner, celebrating your victories and helping you keep up the moment by supporting and encouraging them. So be that person for your partner. This could mean raising their achievement at work, taking an interest in their hobbies and skills, or recognizing how far they have come in personal travels with mental health and well-being. And you do not need to pull out pom-poms to do this – often, simple words say it best.

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