Maybe there are more than just these The 10 best horror movies peacock. The streaming service is full of them. Some you’ve no doubt seen, others you’ve been curious about. We thought we’d help you out with a little push if you’d like.

Whether you agree with our list or not, you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive.

You Are Different (2013)

You are Next is last dinner home invasion hybrid. This still remains today as a prime example of a redeeming arch. Starring Sharni Vinson and directed by genre favorite Adam Wingard, this is one of the gold star features airing on the Peacock.

Since this is almost a decade old, there is another generation out there that may never have heard of this title, which would be a shame. Bloody, surprising and oh so satisfying, You are next it’s a lesson in taut storytelling and edge-of-your-seat action.

The Purge Anarchy (2014)

Embodying social hierarchy a little better in this, the second film in the Purge franchise, Anarchy weaves a lot of commentary into its web of political terror. James DeMonaco returns as a director and goes beyond the home invasion aspect that fueled the first film.

Here we go outside during the mass murder event. We follow three stories that eventually intertwine. Bloodier, scarier and longer, this sequel is better than the first only because it expands its scope. DeMonaco sharpens his own horns on the theme, thus cementing The Purge’s place as a full-time franchise.

Sinister (2012)

Did you like it or not? Black Phone, Bad it’s something you have to watch just to see Scott Derrickson’s progression as a director. His first theatrical horror feature, The Exorcism of Emily Rose it wasn’t bad, but inside Bad he commands the atmosphere using disturbing images and memorable dances.

Ethan Hawke is Derrickson’s muse and stars as writer Ellison Oswalt, who will do anything to write his next book. This means transferring his family to a murder house without being revealed and ramping up supernatural home movies that contain acts of child abuse.

There is a sequel, but it is not as effective as the original.

Pets (2016)

This is probably one you’ve never heard of or if you have, the title is so generic you’ve passed it by. But this is one hidden gem in every sense of the phrase. Great acting, plenty of tension and a good turn of events make this a weekend watch.

Basically, a psycho reconnects with an old lover whom he kidnaps and holds captive in a cage under a pet shelter. An intellectual game of cat and mouse ensues and only one will survive. Does this have a happy or vindicated ending? You have to see it to know. Fun fact: the final scene was filmed on the same set as the original FrONt.

The Last Exorcism

Forget that this is rated PG-13. For some reason, the movie rating system doesn’t take nightmare fuel into account. This is one of the best found footage movies that will get under your skin. Produced by Eli Roth, the film follows Rev. Cotton Marcus, a renowned exorcist who is called to a remote farm in Louisiana to exorcise Satan from a young girl. Except it’s not really Satan and things go off the rails.

This has more body snaps, crunches and shakes than Rice Krispies. And this end.

The Triangle (2009)

It might be too much of a spoiler to reveal much of the plot of this movie. The less you know about this cruise, the better. But what I will say is that the payoff is worth it in the long run and things will make sense in the end.

What I will say is that five friends are stranded in the middle of the ocean after their yacht capsizes. An ocean liner comes out to rescue them, but as soon as they get on board, a masked assassin escapes. This has one drop jaw of a twist that might warrant a review.

Train to Busan (2016)

Sigh, not another zombie movie; we have reached saturation. Or do we have? There is a reason Train to Busan is very dear to the fans. South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho give so much heart on this bloody thrill ride, don’t be surprised if your eyes water.

The title pretty much explains everything you need to know about the movie, just add “with zombies”. It’s an art form to create well-written characters around a zombie movement, but that’s exactly what Sang-ho does. Every consequence these people face hurts, but in the end everything is as it should be. What would a top 10 horror movie list be without this one?

The Shallows (2016)

There is no better shark movie than Here-! Wait, there actually is one and it’s called The Shallows. You might wonder how a movie with a person and a seagull can scare you, but this one will. This shark movie is as suspenseful as it gets gorgeAND Blake Lively should have received an Oscar. No joke.

Lively plays Nancy who is stranded on a large rock only 200 meters from the shore. The only thing stopping him from swimming to freedom is one big thing Great white shark with what appears to be a personal vendetta. Perfect summer look.

Better Care (2017)

Another title that would give too much away if I wrote about the plot. But I will do my best.

Better watch out is a home invasion thriller like no other. Ashley is hot babysitter hired to guard twelve-year-old Luke. Her charge is smitten by her and tries to get her love. Even though it’s Christmas Ashley is not in a giving mood and shrugs off the advances of the minor.

But they must come together when a stranger from outside keeps threatening to kill them if they leave. And that’s all I can say about that. This one is twisted and twisted.

The Upgrade (2018)

Enhance it’s Leigh Whannell’s passion project this is more science fiction than horror. But you can’t deny its brutality and horrific effects.

With stunning camera work enhanced by incredible stunts and a stellar performance from lead Logan Marshall-Green, Enhance it’s techno horror for the soul.

These are our top 10 horror movies on the Peacock

There you have it, our top 10 horror movies peacock. The streaming service has struggled a bit to gain traction among all the other entertainment paywall apps, but it’s coming into its own. Although not mentioned above, Firestarter the remake made its debut on the channel to mostly negative reviews, but it’s a start to their original catalog.

asset August 5they are debuting the Kevin Bacon horror film They/Them, a slasher that takes place in an LGBTQ conversion therapy camp. Let us know if you plan to watch it.

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