Following the success of last year’s Rainbow Research blog series, we are once again inviting contributions from LGBTQ + ecologists and evolutionary biologists for a series of blog posts in British Ecological Society magazines to celebrate UK Pride Month this June .

The series aims to promote the visibility and involvement of scholars from the LGBTQ + community with posts and videos promoting them and their research. Each post will be linked to a theme represented by one of the colors shown on the Progress Pride Flag (otherwise known as Intersectional).

The topics are:

Red – Life
Orange – healer
Yellow – sunlight
Green – Nature
Blue – Harmony
Purple – Spirit
White / Pink / Blue – Transgender Pride
Black / brown – LGBTQ2S + indigenous peoples and people of color

Posts can be related to any of these topics, regardless of whether the topic is related to your search or your identity (s).

We would love if you would like to write a post or make a video for this series, so please contact us for more information!

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