In an episode of Ghost Adventures in 2018, the box touched one of Bagan’s friends, musician Post Malone. In the episode, Zak Bagans opens the Dybbuk Box while Malone is in the same room. Although the Bagans are touching the object, Malone had his hand on Zak’s shoulder.

Above you can see some of the videos from the show. According to reports, two months later Malone had to make an emergency landing when the wheels of his private jet were damaged during the flight. Not only that, but he was in a car accident and one of his old flats was broken into. Bagans has been reported saying, “I think there is a lot more to the Dybbuk Box and despite its origins, it is very damn and nasty.” Zak continues, “I am not surprised that more controversy and conflict continue to arise from it. The Dybbuk box has always raised questions and intrigue. And that adds to its narrative. ”

You can view the Dybbuk Box and place it yourself at the Haunted Zak Bagans Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. I recommend the RIP tour. Fascinating movie pOSSESSIONis available for broadcast on Prime, Vudu, Apple TV and Google Play.

4. The Hills Have Eyes (1977, 2006)

In 1972, Wes Craven shocked the audience with his film, The Last House on the Left. His subsequent film, The Hills Have Eyes, once again polarized theatergoers.

The film stars: Susan Lanier, John Steadman, Janus Blythe, legendary Dee Wallace and iconic Michael Berryman. In fact, Berryman appeared prominently in the movie posters. In the film, a family is traveling through the Nevada desert on their way to California. After stopping at a polluted gas station, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. As the hours go by, the violent wild cannibals start shooting them.

In 2006, a remake was lit with the green light. Alexandre Aja took over as director and Craven oversaw the script. Ted Levine, Dan Byrd, Kathleen Quinlan, Aaron Stanford, Tom Bower and Laura Ortiz all starred in this bloody and shocking retelling. The remake treated the source material with honor and increased the noise and violence. The only noticeable difference in both films is that in the ’77 film, cannibals were not mutated by nuclear consequences. The 2006 film portrayed savages as mutated miners. But was there really a family of cannibals in the Mojave Desert? There was not, but there was a family in 1700 Scotland.

In 1719, Alexander Smith wrote, “A complete history of the lives and robberies of the most infamous highways.” In this selection, a tale of a man and a woman riding a horse through a new road near the North Canal is read. They were attacked by what her husband claimed were savages. The woman did not escape, but the man survived. The monarch sent 400 men to try to find these savages. What they found lost them forever.

Inside a cave lived a man named Sawney Bean with his wife, ‘Black’ Agnes Douglas. They had given birth to up to 50 family members with whom they grew up, hunted and cohabited with him. The men who discovered them were terrified. Pieces of human flesh hung around the cave drying out like tobacco leaves or beef skin. The bones, along with gold and silver, adorned the cave walls. Piles and piles of victims’ belongings were scattered in piles across the ground.

Swords, rings, pistols and other trinkets sat among the family. Women were playing with underwear and men were drinking what looked like blood. After a brief confrontation, the group of 400 was able to gather the Bean family and return them to the Monarch for trial.

When it was concluded that they were indeed born cannibals, the Monarch decided to castrate Sawney Bean and remove his limbs. This included both feet and hands. Punishment would hit all the men of the Bean family as well. Every man, including Sawney, bled to death. Agnes along with the women and children were all burned alive in the wood for what the Monarch regarded as “crimes against humanity”. But what then separated Bean’s actions and lifestyle from those of the Monarchs? That was something that inspired Craven.

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