The qualifier in the title is the word “great”, and that’s subjective not only when it comes to movies, but also when it comes to trolls. What some people may consider excellent, others may consider poor, and vice versa. For example is the animated film Troll (based on toys) a worthy entry here? Not for the purposes of this list, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie – the second one is still better.

For this list, we’re going for scary trolls, the monstrous kind (although one movie on this list breaks that rule). Netflix is ​​releasing a movie sometime this year called Troll and we thought it would be fun to review other movies featuring these terrifying creatures.

Dumb and dumber

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

The late (great) Jim Varney was huge in the 80s and 90s. He joined a class of film comedians who made films based on their eccentric characters. Take, for example, Pee-Wee Herman or Jim Carrey. Both of these guys created iconic personalities that, while idiots, made millions at the box office.

Ernest P. Worrell was Varney’s avatar. This creepy “country bumpkin” lived in a world where other people had infinitely more common sense and even more coordination. But the public loved it. The first film with Ernest was Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloomy Ray. From there, the sequels just kept coming. Ernest scared silly was the fourth of these and still holds up as a worthy, if not scary, annual Halloween rental.

A troll plays an important role in this story.

Due to a curse on the Worrell family, Ernest accidentally releases an evil troll from a tree the night before Halloween. This turns out to be an all-out struggle for the town’s children as the unleashed troll turns them into wooden puppets. It’s up to Ernest to save Halloween. The amount of practical effects that went into this movie is enough to give it a watch. But if the opinion of a confused grown idiot is your kryptonite, maybe save that for a night when you eat some of your special secret bears: knowhutimean?

Found footage One

Troll Hunter (2010)

In the decade since this Norwegian film was released, it has become a certified cult favorite. It was released at a time when found footage movies were all the rage and probably outshone them all. Shot as a documentary, the camera work and special effects blend seamlessly into the narrative.

This dark fantasy combines Hollywood blockbuster with Norwegian social elements. It was critically acclaimed both in America and in its home country. If you haven’t seen this yet, add it to your list of things to watch on a boring day.

The original

Troll (1986)

How about me Ernest scared silly, Troll (1986) is a low-budget gem that gets a lot of love from fans of the genre. It also holds the title of being the first film with a character named Harry Potter (there’s a Wizarding World fan conspiracy theory in here somewhere just waiting to be exposed).

Troll it came out at a time when low-budget creature features shared a marquee with their higher-budget sisters and still managed to turn a profit. Movies like Ghoulies, leprechaun, AND Hobgoblin they weren’t great, but they managed to get bums in the seats despite bad reviews. It was also the era of Charles Band’s empire. And by empire, I mean his Empire Pictures, a small production house that ruled the small-scale theaters of the 80s.

This movie had a great cast for the time. By Shelley Hack (Charlie’s Angels: TV Series), Michael Moriarity to Sonny Bono, Troll was a leader in the dark “spaghetti” fantasy pictures of the 80s.

It won’t change your life, but it’s a good time and historical archive of films from the last century before the onslaught of CGI. Plus there’s Phil Fondacaro (osier) playing the titular monster. This movie has a sequel only in title. Troll 2 no relation to the original.

The Big Budget

The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey (2012)

Unlike previous low-budget titles, The Hobbit it is leaps and bounds ahead of all their combined budgets. But it is important for this A campfire scene. In both JRR Tolkien’s book and the film adaptation, Bilbo and company come across three trolls enjoying a meal by the fire, who, as Biblo says in the book, do not speak at all in the “drawing room fashion”.

In the movie, Bilbo is caught by one of them and is almost boiled to skin and bones. Although The Hobbit The Unexpected Journey wasn’t as well received as its predecessors, it’s definitely worth a look for the completists out there.

The underrated

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Perhaps the most underrated big-budget film on this list is Hansel & Gretel: The Witch Hunters. Although it’s a twisted take on the Grimm classic, it’s fun, filled with great special effects, and its stars have great chemistry. There’s also a great troll rampage action sequence!

This one didn’t get the love it deserved upon its release, but that doesn’t matter. The best thing about living in the technological age is that we can look or review things at any time.

The quirky romantic

The Frontier (2018)

Here’s a weird little movie that might break our “scary troll” rule. It’s actually a romantic-comedy title. Here’s a spoiler; the main character is actually a real troll living the modern life as an agent of the Swedish Customs Service.

After its release in North America, Variety called it, “a thrilling, intelligent blend of romance, Nordic noir, social realism, and supernatural horror that challenges and overturns genre conventions.”

If you’re in the mood for something different with less action and more social commentary, check out this gem.


Trolls (2022) Netflix

Although this film does not have a confirmed release date, it has got some people excited. Many are comparing it to Trollhunter, but based on the trailer, it seems to be a little different. First, it’s not made in a mockumentary style, and it also appears to be a disaster movie.

This makes sense as the man behind it, Roar Uthaug is the director of 2018 Tomb raider and the 2015 Norwegian disaster film blockbuster wave.

The trailer has definitely intrigued us, and we’ll be adding it to our Netflix search once it drops this year.

Well, there you have it. Seven Troll Movies You Might Like Let us know if we missed any, and as always, come back to iHorror for more interesting lists.

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