Workspace with computer, diary, books, coffee and glasses.Let’s go! Hello! It’s a slow site day, so we’re bringing you Wednesday’s links bright and early.

Some updates here: at SBTB HQ, we get together to play some Dungeons & Dragons. Elyse’s wonderful husband has volunteered to DM and I’m so excited to play again. I will be playing a dwarf warrior named Wilhelmina “Willa” Bronzeblade, who is just happy to be here!

At the moment, we don’t have any plans to turn this into content on the site or Twitch, but we’re happy to provide updates on our adventures in future Links posts.

This profile blew my mind as someone who used to be a teenage girl reading Go Ask Alice. Did anyone else know this?

Thanks to Alissa for sending this to us! Chuck Tingle has a deal at the pub and is going to write his first horror novel! Congratulations to Chuck and all the Buckaroos!

I visited Sweden (namely Stockholm) a few years ago and I’m upset that I didn’t think to visit the Museum of Failure. Sounds wild.

I loved this Corporate Buzzword battle bracket. However, I disagree with the winner. For me, the first place has to be “hop on a call”. Which one would you have voted to be the winner?

I feel like I may have posted this sketch in the past, but oh well! Anyone familiar with British actors will recognize many familiar faces.

Don’t forget to share those cool or interesting things you saw, read or heard this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post in next Wednesday’s linkups, send it my way!

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