The totality of cyst the trailer is a good comeback to the great gross horror of the 1980s and great camping moments from the atomic age of monsters. She is growing up with stupidity and lots of great FX and lots of great acting decisions. Overall, it seems like a lot of silly fun.

Summary for cyst goes like this:

Nurse Patricia works under an enthusiastic plastic surgeon who believes she has invented a new machine for removing cysts and, against Patricia’s sound advice, will not stop at anything to patent it so that it can be used for his patients. But when their feuds turn into a physical altercation, damaging the car, what began as Patricia’s last day in office becomes a battle for survival as doctor’s “Get Gone” invention for cyst removal inadvertently turns a tumor into a the patient in a monster cyst that terrorizes. Office.

cyst is now available digitally and on request.

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