Slow Cabins is coming to Ireland and aims to tap into the trend for low-impact, sustainable and digital-free tourism.

A hospitality rental company aimed at techies looking to digitally detox is preparing to welcome its first guests to Ireland.

Founded in 2017, Slow Cabins seeks to offer people the opportunity to spend time away from their technological lives in a relaxed, remote and eco-friendly environment.

It is currently taking bookings in Ireland and will open the first booths here from August 1. As well as Ireland, the start-up has operations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

All of her cabin locations are secret to intentionally encourage guests to switch off and detox from their daily stresses. Visitors book their cabins without knowing the exact location, but all cabins are within a two and a half hour drive of major cities.

Within about two weeks of the trip, guests receive details with the exact location of their cabin. Even then, they may have to park their cars and walk to get to their apartment.

The idea behind slow cabins comes from low impact and sustainable tourism. Cabins are equipped with queen size beds, wood burners, solar panels, dry toilets, fire pits, shutters and large windows. Each cabin is powered naturally by sunlight and water.

“Recent European studies show that our resilience improves and stress levels decrease by up to 70 per cent after being outdoors,” said director of Slow Cabins Ireland, Matthew Parkinson.

“Getting away from it all brings peace, energy and a sense of perspective. And that’s where Slow Cabins have an interesting role to play in a fast ‘always on’ society. Profit is not our only goal, but rather a means to create more positive social and environmental impact,” he added.

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