Archaeologist stumbles upon nine unexploded bombs in a field in Germany, police say

An archaeologist in Germany recently stumbled upon a cluster of unexploded bombs, triggering a police response, officials said.

Nine incendiary bombs were unearthed in a field in Rüsselsheim, a city outside of Frankfurt, on March 12, according to a police news release.

Responding police blocked off the area, and a bomb squad was called in, police said.

Once they arrived, members of the bomb squad safely disposed of the dangerous devices.

A photo posted by police shows the explosives lined up on the ground, apparently caked in dirt.

It’s not clear how they ended up in the field or what time period they are from.

Their discovery is not uncommon, though. Over 2,000 tons of bombs are found every year in Germany — sometimes leading to accidental death, according to Reuters.

A World War II era bomb blew up in 2021 in Munich, injuring four, according to The Associated Press.

Allied forces dropped 1.5 million tons of explosives in Germany during World War II, killing 600,000 people, according to Reuters. Officials estimate that 15 percent of them never exploded.

Google Translate was used to translate the police news release.

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