Greenwood mall shooter fascinated with German Reich, yet ‘no clear motive’ for attack

Just over five months after a 20-year-old opened fire in the food court at Greenwood Park Mall, shooting five people — three fatally — the FBI and the city’s police said an investigation revealed the gunman had a fascination with firearms and the German Reich, but a motive for why it all happened remains unclear.

In an update about the investigation on Wednesday, Greenwood police said searches of the gunman’s social media accounts and interviews with his family and friends uncovered the man’s fascination with discussing mass shootings on Reddit, and using German Reich-related usernames.

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Chief James Ison said, however, detectives’ investigation into the man’s Internet history showed no communicated plan to carry out a shooting, nor a clear motive.

Wednesday’s report marks the latest update by the FBI and Greenwood police about the joint law-enforcement investigation into the mall shooting. Police said the shooter brought two rifles, a pistol and more than 100 rounds of ammunition to the mall that day. He’s believed to have entered the food court bathroom just before 5 p.m. and remained there for about an hour. Minutes before 6 p.m., he left the bathroom and fired 24 rounds with one of the rifles.

The attack ended in about 15 seconds when 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, an armed bystander in the mall, shot and killed the gunman.

3 killed in July shooting at Greenwood Park Mall

Pedro Piñeda, 56, and his wife Rosa Mirian Rivera de Piñeda, 37, were among those killed. Victor Gomez, 30, was also among the deceased. A 12-year-old girl had a minor back wound and a 22-year-old woman had a leg wound. Both survived.

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The investigation into the shooter’s cellphone, which was found in a toilet inside the food court’s bathroom, remains ongoing, police announced. The phone was submerged in water when recovered by police and is at the FBI Headquarters in Quantico. Ison said the phone is password-protected, which could block investigators’ ability to unlock the phone for “years.”

In August, FBI officials said a laptop recovered from inside a running oven at an apartment where the gunman lived hours after the shooting was too damaged to retrieve any data.

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