NFL playoff picture: Updated standings, projected matchups, eliminated teams, wild card candidates

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The 2022 NFL season is more than three-quarters complete, and every week brings more chances at teams clinching — or missing out on — playoff berths. The postseason picture is really taking shape, with contenders in both conferences looking to not only secure a ticket to the dance but lock up top seeding.

Below, find an updated playoff picture, featuring complete postseason standings (with tiebreakers already accounted for), a rundown of wild card contenders and projected opening-weekend playoff matchups for both the AFC and NFC:

AFC playoff standings

NFC playoff standings

Note: * = clinched playoff berth

On the bubble / eliminated

Patriots (6-6)

Seahawks (7-6)

Chargers (6-6)

Lions (6-7)

Jaguars (5-8)

Packers (5-8)

Raiders (5-8)

Panthers (5-8)

Browns (5-8)

Falcons (5-8)

Steelers (5-8)

Cardinals (4-8)

Colts (4-8-1)

Saints (4-9)

Broncos (3-10) eliminated

Rams (4-9)

Texans (1-11-1) eliminated

Bears (3-10) eliminated

Projected first-round matchups



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