Sacramento State and Incarnate Word played the game of the year at 2 am

FCS football games at night are known on Twitter as the “Sickos” games. Games between teams that most people have probably never heard of, in cities you’ve probably never heard of. However, the games are normally fantastic.

While you were probably sleeping and getting ready for the next day, Sacramento State University and the University of Incarnate Word played in arguably the best game at any level of football that was televised, a 66-63 barnburner that Incarnate Word won after a failed Hail Mary that came AFTER an incredible catch with one second left was taken off the board due to his foot being out of bounds.

This game truly had everything. Over 1300 total yards of offense, the most points in FCS playoff history and multiple absurd moments that are sure to be remembered on football Twitter forever. Oh, and this happened at 1:00 am EST.

Let’s recap: after a Sac State touchdown that cut the lead to four, the Hornets did a surprise onside kick and converted. The kicker nudged it right down the middle and recovered it on his own.

This led to a Hornet TD that put them up four, but then UIW scored AGAIN, which was followed by, you guessed it, ANOTHER Sac State TD. Then, THE HORNETS ONSIDE KICKED IT AND RECOVERED AGAIN! This time, kicking it to the left, and an Incarnate Word player just jumped for it three yards before it reached the line to gain. An insane sequence of events.

UIW QB Lindsey Scott had almost 400 yards of total offense by himself in this game and four passing TDs, which brings his season total to (/checks notes) 59 on the season, an FCS record and he’s still playing. The seventh-year senior has provided a bevy of highlight reel throws and plays the entire season, and when they needed him the most, Scott showed up.

Not to be outdone, Sacramento State pulled out all of the stops to try and win this game. The Hornets played two QBs in this game, Jake Dunniway and Asher O’Hara, and both provided insane moments. However, RB Cameron Skattebo was the engine behind the offense. He ran for two TDs and even threw one, much to the dismay of whoever was yelling “DOUBLE PASS! DOUBLE PASS!” on the sideline.


That’s right, after junior RB Marcus Fulcher ran in a long TD, he celebrated how we all would: by drinking some of a fan’s beer.

This game truly had everything and more, and now Incarnate Word and head coach GJ Kinne (who will become Texas State’s HC at the end of the playoff run) head to the Fargodome to play North Dakota State, who thumped Samford earlier in the day.

Regardless of what happens then, let us all remember the game of the year between Sacramento State and Incarnate Word, a classic that was only aired on ESPN+ at 1 am, God’s time for a perfect football game.

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