Tears as Grandmother Has ‘One Last Surprise’ in Hospital on Her Death Bed

A heartbreaking video of a young U.S. Navy Marine visiting his grandmother who was dying of cancer in hospital has received more than 10.3 million views on TikTok.

In the footage, user @twistanm can be seen entering a hospital room, holding a teddy bear, where other members of his family are already sitting. The Marine approaches his grandmother, who takes a second to realize it is him.

Stock image of a man in silhouette grieving at Christmas. A U.S. Marine has posted a TikTok video of the last time he saw his grandmother before she died of cancer.
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On recognizing him, the grandmother embraces him, saying, “Tristan! Oh my god, Tristan. I’ll be OK, honey.”

Tristan can then be heard crying, as an older male gentleman reaches across to comfort him by patting and holding his arm. She can then be hear saying, “Oh my god, they gave you leave. You made my wish come true.”

The caption reads, “one last surprise visit before you became my angel.”

According to U.S Marine Corps Emergency Leave Procedures, “unfortunately, there may be instances where an unexpected emergency in the family of a deployed Marine or Sailor requires their return home. Emergency leave may be authorized ONLY in the following situations:

  1. When a member of the service member’s IMMEDIATE family dies. Immediate family includes: father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, spouse’s parents, children or someone who actually reared the Marine or Sailor (in loco parentis). Immediate family DOES NOT include aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, close family friends, or grandparents unless they actually reared the Marine or sailor (in loco parentis).
  2. When a member of the service member’s immediate family suffers from a serious illness or accident resulting in a serious family problem which requires the service member’s presence at home. If such events occur during a deployment, family members must contact the Red Cross Office nearest to the area of the emergency or death.”

The official website of the United States Marine Corps states that the accrual rate of annual leave for employees depends on their length of service and basic workweek.

If a Marine has been in active service for fewer than three years, they normally receive 13 days of leave in the year. Between three and five days of service gets you 20 days, and at 15 years or more, the annual leave goes up to 26 days per year.

TikTok users were moved by the emotional scenes, with Chloe writing: “aww I’m broken for you, the way her face lit up.”

Another TikToker, bevrandberg, commented: “I wish grand kids would spend more time with their grandparents, they don’t know how much that means,” to which the original poster replied, “everyday we would have lunch and talk about life and how precious it is before i left for the military. she had the most beautiful soul.”

Newsweek has reached out to @twistanm for comment.

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