Woman Praised for Suing Dad After His Dogs Damaged Her House: ‘Feel No Pity’

A woman has been praised online after she sued her dad over the damage his dogs did to her house.

In a viral post shared on Reddit‘s Am I The ******* page, which can be seen here, user Willing_Specific_198 explained that her 56-year-old dad had left his dogs with her in the past.

But, the 31-year-old woman noted she travels for work and that her boyfriend is employed out of town for weeks at a time.

She noted that her dad and his new wife decided to go on a trip and left his dogs at her home as he has a key. He was unaware that neither of them would be home and didn’t inform them that he would be leaving his pets there.

A file photo of a dog on a damaged sofa. A woman said she would be suing her own father over damage his dogs caused.

U.K.-based property expert Tom Cranenburgh, of the GetAnOffer real estate agency, said there were already problems with the situation.

He told Newsweek: “There’s a lot wrong here. Who in their right mind would put dogs in someone else’s home without informing them?”

The Reddit user continued: “My neighbor called me a day later about the dogs howling in my house to see if everything was OK. I called my dad and he told me that he didn’t know I was out of town.

“I said that if he didn’t come get them I was calling animal control. So he has his new stepson come to my house to get the dogs. I have no idea why a 16-year-old kid who was trusted to stay home by himself could not just have watched the dogs in the first place.”

The woman explained when she arrived home, she found that the dogs had done thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“When I got home I found a disaster area. Dog **** and **** everywhere. I don’t want to describe everything because it makes me angry.

“To get everything that could be cleaned done and to replace my boyfriend’s leather recliner, which was old but also destroyed, cost about $7,000.

“I told my dad I expected him to pay for everything. He said that he would see if his homeowner’s insurance would cover it. They will but the deductible is a lot. And his premiums will go up. So he said that he would take care of it.”

Turning to the Courts

The woman explained it has been several months since the incident happened and that her dad hasn’t paid.

She admitted to suing her own father and that he had been served, resulting in him calling her to complain he had no money as he had recently bought a new car.

“I feel no pity,” she said.

The Reddit user added: “But his wife and him keep trying to talk me out of pursuing this. They said that my dad paid for a good chunk of my student debt and that I owe him.

“Him and my mom did pay off about $10,000 of my student debt. And I was grateful. It is one of the reasons I had no problem dog-sitting for free.

“But he says that if I take this money then he will not have money for things at his house. He isn’t retired. And my mom had life insurance.”

According to the insurance comparison website Valuepenguin, the average cost of home insurance in the U.S. is about $1,516 per year.

Since being shared on Sunday, December 18, the post has attracted more than 7,000 upvotes and some 725 comments.

Many of those who commented on the post praised the woman for taking legal action against her father.

Reddit user Heavy_Sand5228, whose comment was upvoted more than 11,200 times, said: “NTA (not the *******) and it’s vital to hold firm and not let them sway you here.

“He had months to pay you back and instead bought a car? His negligence resulted in damage to your property. He should absolutely be paying for everything and his financial irresponsibility is not your problem.”

Plenty of Sympathy

HavePlushieWillTalk added: “He was so neglectful in his duty to make his child aware that he expected dog sitting. Imagine if they hadn’t howled and OP (original poster) came home to dead dogs, would dad not have been mad at OP? He should be charged with animal cruelty.”

ICWhatsNUrP commented: “OP should also change the locks and never give her dad a key so it never happens again.”

Cranenburgh shared some advice with the woman: “If your neighbor hadn’t called you, and you were away for longer, the dogs would have suffered very badly and it would have been entirely your father’s fault.

“The secondary issue is the damage to your home which I can well imagine would have been extensive. Again, this is entirely your father’s fault, your only mistake was to trust him with a key. Your father should pay up immediately.

“Yes, he has given you money in the past but that does not give him a free pass to wreck your home and make you pay. Whether you want to continue suing him is up to you – if you do you may fracture your relationship forever. Consider an arbitration/mediation service where they may just help him to see sense. And get your key back.”

Newsweek has contacted Willing_Specific_198 for comment.

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