Welcome back to Whatcha Reading? It’s the end of July 2022, so we want to know how you’re wrapping up your reading this month.

Elyse: I made pages Knitting with Disney by Tanis Gray. ( A | BN ) It’s very colorful, but has some very cool accessories. I may also have to knit one Beauty and the Beast sweater.

Sarah: I’m reading Holly Madison’s memoir Down the rabbit hole. ( A | BN | K | AB ) So far it’s really engaging and thoughtful, and I’m having a hard time putting it down.

Elyse: One of the things that struck me about that book is that he didn’t own the mansion and they could only use a few rooms.

Sarah: Yes, and the schedule was so fixed. It’s really wild.

Elyse: And all the little bag dogs pee in the house.

Sarah: That part made my skin crawwwwwwl.

The future is Baker’s Guide to Dangerous Rituals by Kathryn Moon.

Shana: I just finished If the shoes fit by Julie Murphy ( A | BN | K ) and it was a pleasure. One day I will tire of romances set in reality TV shows…but not today.

I’m starting now Quark by Nikki Clarke. It’s an alien romance that gives me Brother from another planet the vibrations.

Elyse: I really liked it If the shoes fit also. It’s basically a plus size Single.

Shana: Yes! I liked it much better than One to watch. There was still all the drama behind the scenes, but the heroine was more sure of herself.

Elyse: Even about the shoes.

Susan: July has certainly been a month, but I finally got started A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall! The protagonists are so funny and kind to each other, even though they’re both dealing with some terrible trauma.

That said, the longer the book goes without Viola saying the whole “I faked my death for very good reasons” thing, the more I become this gif:


I know the reveal is coming, but not WHEN and the suspense is killing me.

What are you reading? Tell us all about it!

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