It’s always great to see Winona Ryder in everything. She is magical in her very special way. This is why watching him appear in an indie horror movie is so exciting. It’s a new move for the actress and we love her. In its last Gone overnight (before Cow) Ryder undertakes a close, Hitchcockian journey that will seriously keep audiences on the edge of their seats with disturbing results.

Summary for Gone overnight goes like this:

When Kath and her boyfriend arrive at a remote hut in the red woods, they find a mysterious young couple already there. But when her boyfriend disappears with the young woman, Kath becomes obsessed with finding an explanation.

Gone overnight stars Winona Ryder, Dermot Mulroney, John Gallagher Jr., Owen Teague and Brianne Tju.

You can watch the film yourself when it arrives at selected cinemas, on demand and digital starting July 15th.

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